Lloyds Bank is delighted to be partnering with edie’s Awards to recognise the Lloyds Bank Sustainable Business of the Year. This is part of our ambition to support UK businesses in their transition to a more sustainable future.

It’s clear that a more sustainable economy promotes the UK’s long-term prosperity, while helping to make our planet more resilient. UK businesses have the chance to power and accelerate this transformation, and seize the huge opportunities presented. We work with our clients, not only to help finance this transition, but also to understand the challenges they face and the business prospects they look to capitalise on. Lloyds Bank. By the side of business.

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3Degrees is a leading global climate solutions provider and Certified B Corporation. Our work is driven by the need for urgent climate action, and has been for more than 20 years. We deliver a full suite of clean energy and decarbonisation solutions to help global Fortune 500 companies, utilities, and other organisations achieve their climate goals and address emissions in the fight against climate change. 3Degrees’ international team brings a commitment to integrity and deep expertise in global climate strategy and implementation across scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions, including net zero, environmental commodities, renewable energy and carbon project development, and transportation decarbonisation. We help develop and deploy impactful climate solutions that make good business sense and advance an equitable transition to the low-carbon future.

For more information, please visit: 3Degrees.com

Achilles is the global leader of choice when it comes to delivering ethical and sustainable supply chains, with more than 30 years of experience working with the world’s largest organisations. We help organisations to identify and mitigate their supply chain risk under our main pillars of sustainability: Financial, ESG and Health & Safety. Our collaborative and data-led approach helps buyers source responsible suppliers, manage their relationships and enjoy increased levels of visibility and control over their entire supply chain.

For more information, please visit: www.achilles.com

Altruistiq is a GHG emissions data management platform that enables businesses to make better sustainability decisions. Consumer businesses like Gousto, Lush Cosmetics, and Octopus Energy use Altruistiq to build actionable emissions reduction plans supported by accurate, granular emissions measurement and tracking.

For more information, please visit: altruistiq.com

Part of the Statkraft group, we provide British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from Solar, Wind and Hydro. Through pioneering products and services, we empower businesses to create value from their electricity usage by optimising their consumption and challenging the way they interact with the electricity system.

For more information, please visit: www.brytenergy.co.uk

The Energy Institute (EI) is the chartered professional membership body for people who work across the world of energy. Our purpose is creating a better energy future for our members and society by accelerating a just global energy transition to net zero. We do this by:

  • Attracting, developing and equipping the diverse future energy workforce
  • Informing energy decision-making through convening expertise and advice
  • Enabling industry and consumers to make energy lower carbon, safer and more efficient

Energy professionals - our members - of all ages, genders, backgrounds and disciplines look to us for the knowledge, skills and good practice they need to pursue impactful careers in this vital, fast-evolving field. As a safe collaborative space for industry, academia and policy makers, we deliver standards, guidance, training and qualifications that raise the bar in operations in almost all areas of the energy system: upstream and downstream oil and gas, onshore and offshore wind power, fugitive methane reduction, battery storage, hydrogen, CCUS and integrated networks.

Professionals in energy have changed the world before and now they are changing it again. The EI exists to support them and anyone who wants to better understand or contribute to tackling these urgent global challenges.

For more information, please visit: www.energyinst.org

Ever is an impact consultancy that exists to help companies stand the test of time through sustainable business transformation. We believe that sustainability is opportunity and help our clients cut through the complexity. We work with businesses and organisations from their first steps in sustainability, through to full implementation and delivery of sustainability strategies.

For more information, please visit: www.eversustainable.co.uk

FareShare is the UK’s biggest charity fighting hunger and food waste. We believe that good food should go to people, not waste.

At a time of so much need, it is wrong there is so much waste.

14 million people in the UK are facing food insecurity. That’s one in five people worried about where their next meal is coming from. Yet millions of tonnes of food goes to waste before it even reaches our supermarkets, let alone the kitchen table. We work with the food industry to make sure as much food as possible goes to people not waste.

FareShare helps strengthen communities through food.

FareShare is the only charity operating on a national scale, in partnership with our network, to redistribute edible surplus food to over a million people across the UK. In addition to providing food, these charities help tackle the root causes of poverty and provide vital services such as domestic violence shelters, breakfast and after school clubs and older people’s lunch clubs.

By giving FareShare your food, donating money, or signing up to volunteer, you can help tackle food waste and hunger in the UK.

For more information, please visit: www.fareshare.org.uk

IES is a global climate tech company delivering innovative digital twin technology and consultancy services to decarbonise the built environment. Over the last 28 years, they have built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis to support resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments. IES’ digital twin technology enables the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of not just single but entire groups of buildings and their associated energy networks. The technology combines the best of physics-based simulation, data, machine learning and AI to support built environments of any size or purpose, empowering informed decisions around how best to meet net-zero goals.

For more information, please visit: www.iesve.com

We believe passionately in using our extensive expertise in energy, sustainability and facilities optimisation to make a real contribution to our clients’ organisational objectives and to reduce the impact we all have on the world around us. Working with a diverse range of organisations across all sectors from complex manufacturing environments to hospitals and commercial offices JRP have an unrivalled depth and breadth of practical knowledge and experience helping us to deliver real value and tangible cost, operational and environmental benefits to our clients. JRP’s own people and tools are complemented by our carefully selected partners, associates and our Net Zero Network which includes experts in specialist fields including renewables, transport, alternative fuels, biodiversity, energy procurement, carbon offsetting/insetting, planning and construction. This unique blend of expertise is increasingly being used in the development and implementation of Net Zero Roadmaps, helping our clients to set and achieve realistic Net Zero targets. We also practice what we preach; we are certified to ISO 50001 , and using the science based target (SBT) tool, we have committed to being Net Zero by 2030. JRP is a certified B Corp company.

For more information, please visit: www.jrpsolutions.com

Reconomy Group is an innovative, tech-led provider of circular economy-focused services, with the purpose of creating a truly sustainable world by conserving finite resources. Enabling businesses around the world to improve their ESG outcomes, Reconomy Group delivers services through three main verticals:

Recycle - using technology, innovation, data and specialist expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value

Comply - solving increasingly complex environmental regulatory challenges using data, expert local knowledge and thought-leadership to drive business accountability across the globe

Re-use - providing intelligent technology platforms and agile, circular logistics to deliver the best global sustainable omnichannel pre-retail and returns experience to our customers and their consumers

For more information, please visit: www.reconomy.com

Risilience is a climate intelligence platform that enables organisations to understand physical and transition climate risks, and quantify the impact of these risks in financial terms, to successfully plan and manage a path to net zero. Why organisations partner with Risilience:

  • Support across the entire net-zero journey from disclosures to net-zero planning and management.
  • Full range of climate risks; both transition and physical, with financial-impact analysis.
  • World-class science developed through Risilience’s partnership with the University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies.
  • Cutting-edge technology – our digital twin and scenario planner enables optimised decision-making.

For more information, please visit: www.risilience.com

South Pole, a social enterprise recognised by the World Economic Forum's Schwab Foundation, is today the world's leading climate solutions provider and carbon project developer. Since its creation in 2006, it has developed nearly 1,000 projects in over 50 countries to reduce nearly 200 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, and to provide social benefits to communities who are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Projects range from sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, waste management, to energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy. South Pole also advises thousands of leading companies on their sustainability journeys to achieve net-zero emissions. With its global Climate Solutions platform, South Pole develops and implements comprehensive strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organizations around the world. South Pole is committed to becoming a B Corp globally across all of its local entities, building on its existing B Corp certification in Australia, the U.S, and Germany.

For more information, please visit: www.southpole.com

Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company, committed to making food safe and available, everywhere. Working closely with customers and suppliers, Tetra Pak provides safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 160 countries.

For more information, please visit: www.tetrapak.com/en-gb

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol sets a new standard in more sustainably grown cotton, ensuring that it contributes to the protection and preservation of the planet. The Trust Protocol is built on a foundation of robust data capture, aggregation and reporting that drives continuous improvement across six key sustainability metrics – water use, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, soil conservation, soil carbon and land use – and is the world’s first sustainable cotton fiber program to offer article-level supply chain transparency. This makes the Trust Protocol the first program to provide both access to full supply chain transparency and science-based field-level, verified data.

For more information, please visit: trustuscotton.org

Trophy sponsor

EFX designs and manufactures inspirational awards and trophies, medals and plaques. It produces tens of thousands of show-stopping designs for UK and overseas customers each year, including iconic sports’ and event trophies, internal recognition awards, membership plaques and individual memorials.

Technology-led, the company works in diverse and sustainable materials, including 79% recycled aluminium, recycled acrylics and plastic bottles, resin, pewter, glass & FSC sustainable wood.

Clients regularly return for fresh ideas, high quality and personal service.

For more information, please visit: www.efx.co.uk