Climate17 is a purpose-led, international Renewable Energy & Sustainability recruitment firm. We provide specialist talent acquisition services to organisations seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, as well as those working towards the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Our growing multi-lingual team delivers assignments globally, utilising their unrivalled market knowledge, established professional networks and expertise to facilitate the growth of companies making a positive impact.

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Colour Studios display solutions are sustainable with no waste going to landfill. You are able to promote your sustainable policies and save money compared to traditional metal and plastic displays. These 100% recyclable printed cardboard displays are ideally suited to both event organisers and exhibitors. The displays are great value, offer eye-catching creative shapes, can be self-installed, re-used and then at the end of their useful lives be disposed of via a cardboard recycling service. Sustainable exhibiting, what’s not to like?

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Established in 2009, Eco-Business is an independent media and business intelligence company dedicated to sustainable development and ESG performance. It publishes high quality, trusted news and views in multimedia formats on business and policy developments around the world with a sustainability and ESG-focused lens. Eco-Business provides research and consulting on a wide range of issues which create strategic value for our partners and clients. It owns and creates thought-leadership platforms which inform policymaking, improve business practices and foster collaboration among different sectors. Eco-Business is headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Manila, Bangalore, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and correspondents in major cities across the world.

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Global Action Plan is an environmental charity focused on issues where the connection between the health of people and our planet is most tangible. We mobilise people and organisations to take action on the systems that harm us and our planet.

Our current focus issues are air pollution, excessive consumption, and the education system.

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No one should be hungry. Yet more than 800 million people still are. Two-thirds are women.

At The Hunger Project, we have over four decades of experience supporting people living in hunger, to build their own sustainable solutions. We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion aspiring change-makers, entrepreneurs and innovators. We don't give handouts, only a hand extended in partnership.

Our programmes train women entrepreneurs, improve maternal health, engage local governments, support smallholder farmers, educate girls and end child marriage. In 2022, we reached nearly 12 million people across Africa, Asia and Latin America and nearly 50% were under 15 years old.

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The ICRS is UK's professional body for CRS practitioners. Our membership reflects the wide breadth of practitioners, from students and academics to consultants and in-house practitioners from large and small organisations. Our members stay current on trends, grow their network of peers, develop their skills, and gain recognition for their expertise

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The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think & Do Tank which works with senior management teams to instil the confidence to lead and innovate, confidentially and responsibly, in the turbulent context of the 21st century. The foundations on which all the ILF’s work builds are: a focus on people, a deep understanding of specific context, a system-based approach, and a deep belief that all innovation today has to have sustainability considerations at its core. The ILF was set up by innovation philosopher, story teller and catalyst Dr Bettina von Stamm in 2004.

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NordSIP (Nordic Sustainable Investing Platform) provides sustainability news and research to professional investors in Northern Europe. Our mission is to drive change in the asset management and finance community at large, so that investors are equipped to make better decisions.

NordSIP’s aim is to increase knowledge about sustainable and impact investing in the Nordic institutional investment community and beyond, in the expectation that better-informed investors will direct more capital towards solving global issues such as climate change, inequality and unsustainable value chains.

Alongside our news coverage, information provision and analysis, we also conduct research and other support services on behalf of partner organisations that share our goals. Currently, we serve as the secretariat and communications partner for the Swedish Sustainable Investment Forum (SWESIF) and are co-founder and education partner of Sustainable Investment Training Associates (SITA).

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Forum for the Future is a leading international sustainability non-profit. For more than 25 years we’ve been working in partnership with business, governments and civil society to accelerate the shift towards a just and regenerative future in which both people and the planet thrive.

As our environmental, social and economic crises intensify, the world is rapidly changing, with multiple transitions already reshaping how we all live and work. But will we go far enough, and fast enough? Forum is focused on enabling deep transformation in three game-changing areas: how we think about, produce, consume and value both food and energy, and the purpose of business in society and the economy. We’re working with ambitious and diverse change-makers to shift how they feel, think, act and collaborate to drive systemic change for sustainability.

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