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All shortlisted finalists will get one year affiliate Energy Institute membership which is worth £120. 


This special award recognises outstanding individual performances when it comes to accelerating the net-zero transition and decarbonising business. Held in association with the Energy Institute, the award celebrates industry leaders across the public and private sector along with in-house energy and carbon managers and practitioners who are accelerating progress towards net-zero emissions.

Entrants are not required to work for organisations which have a firm net-zero target in place, but our judges will be looking for leaders who are implementing and enhancing their organisation’s decarbonisation strategies (or that of other organisations); through means such as deploying new energy technologies and systems, engaging key stakeholders to improve energy performance, or driving broader industry-wide change on the road to a net-zero carbon economy.

Please complete all fields below. We recommend that you write the body of your entry in a separate Word document and then copy and paste it into the form below, to prevent any of your entry copy being lost.

Each entry in this category will be assessed against five PRIMARY CRITERIA, as detailed below. All parts of the primary criteria are weighted equally. Please then use the SECONDARY CRITERIA field to add any information not covered in the primary criteria. Please bear in mind that the secondary criteria will only be used by judges when no clear winner can be determined using the primary criteria alone.


Entry summary

  • Please provide a clear, concise summary of the entry. Why does this individual deserve to win this award?

 (Max. 100 words)

  1. Leadership and vision
  • How has the individual driven forward the net-zero carbon/energy management progress of their organisation, or the broader net-zero agenda?
  • What plans, measures and technologies has the individual developed and implemented to improve energy performance and/or cut carbon?
  • How has the individual taken a particularly innovative and visionary approach to energy and carbon management over the past 12 months?

(Max. 200 words)

2. Delivery and engagement

  • What specific actions has the individual taken to achieve energy management and/or carbon reduction goals?
  • How has the individual overcome challenges associated with key issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing energy crisis to ensure energy management and carbon reduction goals have remained focused on?
  • How has the individual informed, educated and engaged customers, colleagues and/or the supply chain to enhance energy management and decarbonisation approaches?

(Max. 200 words)

3. Building the business case

  • How did the individual gain buy-in from senior management teams around key energy/net-zero projects?
  • What skills did the individual display in securing funding or other forms of buy-in for particular energy management projects or initiatives?
  • How has the individual demonstrated a sound commercial understanding to guarantee the success of particular energy/carbon projects or initiatives?

(Max. 200 words)

4. Innovation

  • How has the individual innovated or pioneered new approaches to achieve energy management and/or carbon reduction success?
  • In what ways has the individual promoted technological innovations within their organisation or for other organisations to accelerate decarbonisation progress?
  • How else has the individual innovated and thought outside of the box to ensure continual improvement around energy management and net-zero?

(Max. 200 words)

5. Results

  • How has this person identified, measured and reported impacts to gauge the effectiveness of the overall strategy and specific projects and initiatives?
  • What energy and carbon savings has the individual directly helped their organisation achieve?
  • What other results has the individual driven through their energy management leadership (e.g. environmental, financial, organisational, personal)?

(Max. 200 words)

(Max. 250 words in total for this section)

Raising industry standards

  • How has the individual taken a strategic approach to accelerate the broader energy/net-zero agenda?
  • How has the individual shown a commitment to enhance the contribution that decarbonisation can make to society?
  • How has the individual championed energy/net-zero among the younger generation, and promoted greater diversity in the energy field?


  • Are the details of this entry available within the public domain?
  • If so, where and how can those details be accessed?


Please provide one key achievement from 2022 which you think sums up your entry – for example, levels of reduction achieved; financial savings or other business benefits driven. If the entry is successful, this achievement may be used on the night of the awards and in post-event editorial coverage.


The contents of this entry may be used by edie for our Awards brochures and as a case study for the edie website. If there are any elements of the entry that you do not wish to be published, please let us know in the below box.


Please upload a high-resolution (EPS, GIFF, or similar) headshot and company logo of the individual’s organisation to accompany this entry. If the entry is successful, this logo will be used on the night of the awards and in post-event editorial coverage.


Please upload up to three high-resolution photos (JPG or similar) to accompany your entry. Photos should directly relate to the business/project/product; or to the individual/team being put forward in the entry. These photos will be displayed during the awards ceremony.


Please use this option to provide any further references/documentation which you feel may support this entry. For example, reports/fact sheets/links to relevant online information. Please note: we cannot guarantee this information will be viewed in full by our judges, but any additional information provided will only serve to strengthen the entry. If providing multiple files here, please condense them into one zipped folder.