At edie 24, actions speak louder than words.

Our mission is to deliver an event which drives tangible social and environmental change. But we must hold ourselves, our industry partners, our speakers and our delegates accountable. 

Too many events in the sustainability and net-zero space have become “talking shops” – the same people saying the same things to the same audience, year after year. The content is self-promotional and there’s no sense of clear outputs and actionable takeaways.  

This event is different. As the industry leader with more than 25 years of heritage, it is our responsibility to set the standards when it comes to speaker diversity and inclusivity, greenwashing and action-oriented content.  

This is our commitment.  



Representation matters. We always aim to curate the absolute best, most inspiring speaker line-ups possible, and deliver sessions which are truly representative of the levels of gender balance, diversity and inclusivity that this industry is striving for. Specially: 

  • We will aim for an even gender balance on stage (50% women)
  • We will up our commitment to racial diversity on stage (minimum 20% people of colour)
  • There will be no single-gender on single-raced panel discussion across all theatres and stages

View our publisher's full Equality & Diversity Policy here



edie’s content and events team know corporate greenwash when we see it, and there is certainly no place for it at edie 23. Weeding it out entirely can be tough, though, especially given the recent surge of net-zero commitments and associated “grey areas” such as Scope 3 emissions and carbon offsetting.  

That said, we are putting place a clear set of guidelines and principles that all edie 23 speakers and partners must adhere to in order to feature at the event. Specifically:

  • All speakers will be vetted by our events team before being given a space on the programme
  • All presentations will be vetted by our events team to ensure they focus on the topic at hand and not purely the successes of an individual/organisation
  • “Ask us anything” panels will be truly that, with chairs asking questions that have been upvoted the most by our audience
  • There’ll be no sales pitches at any time on any stage! 



An event is only as good as the ideas and outputs that it generates, and nowhere is that more important than in the sustainability and net-zero space. Whether it’s setting bolder climate targets, implementing new initiatives or forming new collaborations, edie 23 will make a real difference to the world. Specifically:  

  • Every presentation will include clear and actionable takeaways 
  • Workshops will be professionally facilitated with an output-focussed agenda  
  • QR Codes will be placed around the event and displayed during sessions, linking through to relevant content outputs   
  • Our content team will produce a post-event report, listing all of the key outputs from across the two days – to be shared with all delegates one month after the event 



edie wants to walk the walk when it comes to environmental and social sustainability. Our publisher, Faversham House, is currently in the process of becoming a B Corp Certified business. We reflect these values in our commitment to manage our impacts.

View our publishers full Sustainability Policy here.  

We will report on our progress across all these areas following edie 24.

Questions about the event? Email