Day 1

5 February 2019

8:45 am

Register and meet someone new

9:20 am

Chair’s welcome

9:30 am


9:30 am

Mission Possible: Realising a new role for business in society

• The need for speed: Why we must accelerate climate action NOW • How businesses can become co-creators of sustainable wealth • Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: a golden opportunityRead more


9:50 am

The role of business in building peace, prosperity and economic development


10:10 am

Our circular economy mission: Where are we now?

• What we can learn from the plastics debate • Disrupt or die: paths to business model innovation • The role of the Sustainable Development Goals in driving resource efficiencyRead more


  • Dr Liz Goodwin OBE

    Dr Liz Goodwin OBE
    Senior fellow and director, food loss and waste - World Resources Institute

10:30 am

Snap poll, questions and answers

10:50 am

Co-creating a sustainable future: an introduction to the Leadership Labs (NEW FOR 2019!)

This new session will introduce you to the content that will be explored through the labs themselves giving you a feel for what to expect from your session.Read more
11:00 am

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

11:30 am


Choose your leadership lab for an interactive, immersive and deep dive into your preferred topic. This unique session provides you with an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and co-create a sustainable future by working through tailored activities together. Alternatively, choose to attend a live edie podcast for a more casual delve into the pressing…Read more
12:30 pm

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

1:30 pm


1:30 pm

Recap of the key learnings from the day’s Leadership Labs

1:45 pm

Achieving sustainable growth: The Government’s approach

• UK green policy: What’s changed? • The Clean Growth Strategy: Moving from ambition to business ACTION • How Brexit will shape Britain’s low-carbon futureRead more


2:15 pm

Putting sustainability at the centre of company strategy

• What it means in practice for governance, boards and sustainability practitioners • Role of natural capital as a model for adaptive actionRead more


  • Philippe Joubert

    Philippe Joubert
    Chair; Fellow; Founder and CEO - The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group; Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership; Earth on Board

2:35 pm

Ask us anything: How BT, Carlsberg & Tesco are driving climate action

• Adopting science-based targets and committing to a 1.5C world • Reducing emissions in your supply chain – the 3:1 approach • Why going it alone to tackle climate change is not an optionRead more


3:15 pm

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

3:45 pm


3:45 pm

From Purpose to Participation: Engaging staff and customers as a ‘volunteer army’

• How shared purpose gives your sustainability programme a compelling WHY • Moving employees from joining to joining in • Moving customers from buying to buying in • Deeply understanding motivations is the secret sauceRead more


4:05 pm

Making purpose pay: How to give your business growth a new meaning

• Dispelling sustainability myths • Minding the ‘say-do’ gap • The golden rules to connect with consumersRead more


4:25 pm

Panel discussion: Inspiring the next generation of business leaders

• The millennial generation view on business sustainability • The skills of a sustainability superhero • Understanding the power of effective storytellingRead more


  • Alan Mak MP

    Alan Mak MP
    Chair - All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

  • Benedict Orchard

    Benedict Orchard
    Environmental sustainability manager - Adnams

4:55 pm

Introducing edie’s 30 under 30 initiative (NEW FOR 2019!)


5:05 pm

Chair’s closing remarks and end of day one

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