Day 2

6 February 2019

8:45 am

Register and meet someone new

9:20 am

Chair’s opening remarks

9:25 am


9:25 am

My Mission Possible: The inspiring story of the Trillion Tree Campaign

  • Why waiting is not an option
  • Kickstarting a global chain reaction, one tree at a time
  • Lessons learnt over the past 10 years
9:40 am

Realising change

  • Identifying your ‘quick wins’
  • Bringing innovation to life – the latest technologies and processes
  • Hearts and minds – winning communications
  • Measuring success – delivering environmental, commercial and social sustainability
9:55 am

Creating a sustainable partnership

  • The beginning of a sustainable journey
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • The pathway to achieving success through collaboration
10:10 am

Snap poll, questions and answers

10:25 am

Leadership panel: The future of business (and working to achieve that future, today)

Led by: Luke Nicholls, Content director, edie

  • Exclusive results of edie’s Business Leadership 2019 Survey
  • Unpicking the challenges of embedding sustainability and CSR into core operations
  • Aligning sustainability with profitability – do they have to be opposed?
  • Role of innovation in driving a step-change in sustainable growth
11:15 am

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

11:45 am

LEADERSHIP LABS (Choose your own adventure)

Choose your leadership lab for an interactive, immersive and deep dive into your preferred topic. This unique session provides you with an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and co-create a sustainable future by working through tailored activities together. Alternatively, choose to attend a live edie podcast for a more casual delve into the pressing topics from the day.

  • “Telling yourstory of the fierce urgency of NOW”
  • “Solving the single-use plastics problem”
  • “Making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality”
  • “Creating an innovation mindset”
  • Live edie podcast (NEW FOR 2019!)
1:00 pm

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

2:00 pm


2:00 pm

The new era of climate-related financial disclosure

  • Why 2019 is the year of climate risk reporting
  • Capitalising on the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations
  • Communicating the ‘s’ word to investors
2:15 pm

Trust, transparency and traceability: Setting the standard

  • The scientific approach to transparency
  • How sustainability reporting can drive profitability
  • Aligning thousands of suppliers with one goal
2:30 pm

The urgent imperative to develop a new mindset

  • Unpicking the biggest blockers to change
  • Why seizing the potential of the digital revolution is not optional
  • The urgent need to supercharge collaboration
  • Taking a systems approach to global consumption
2:45 pm

Snap poll, questions and answers

3:05 pm

Refuel, mingle and discover innovation

3:35 pm


3:35 pm

Radical sustainability is possible today – here’s how

  • The need for a move to a radical circular economy
  • What is going on in the packaging sector
  • The power of combining product design with end-of-life thinking
3:50 pm

Innovation through technology

4:05 pm

Innovating to drive circularity

  • What a sustainable fashion future looks like
  • Transforming business models to become 100% circular
  • Gaining buy-in for system change
4:20 pm

Snap poll, questions and answers

4:30 pm

Thinkathon results update (NEW FOR 2019!)

5:00 pm

Chair’s closing remarks and end of the 2019 edie Sustainability Leaders Forum