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With collaboration driving the global sustainability agenda, the need for effective engagement skills is key. Hosted in association with the Sustainability Leaders Forum 2022, this half day of panel debates and interactive workshop sessions is designed to bring together sustainability and CSR professionals of all levels to grow their engagement and communication skills. Workshops will be run in-person in London, encouraging interaction and peer-to-peer collaboration.  
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Event opens

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Chair’s welcome and opening remarks


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INTERNAL ENGAGEMENT: empowering yourself within your organisation

  • Integrating sustainability into the wider business functions   
  • Closing the green skills gap: upskilling within your organisation  
  • How do we train up our existing colleagues to buy into a company-wide approach?  
  • Promoting well-being and addressing talent burn-out
2:15 pm

Refreshment break


2:45 pm

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: bringing the consumer on the sustainability journey 

  • Understanding, tracking and influencing the motivation of the consumer   
  • Company or consumer led? to what extent do we educate consumers to make sustainable choices 
  • Practical examples of consumer engagement in the digital era  
  • To what extent does, or should customer behaviour drive decision-making?
3:25 pm

ENGAGING LEADERSHIP: How to talk to your CFO about sustainability   

With internal financing needed to scale up sustainability initiatives, buy in from the CFO is essential. In this session we will role play with a CFO to equip professionals with the tools to demonstrate sustainability efforts as a source of value rather than a cost. 

  • Connecting financial professionals with the metrics and language used by sustainability professionals  
  • Demonstrating the value of investment: how to effectively track the economic performance and ROI
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