The Big Debate: Carbon offsetting to reach net-zero emissions – who’s right, who’s wrong? (CHATHAM HOUSE RULES APPLY*) Live pass holders only

Time: 3:25 pm
day: DAY 1 - Ambition into action


There are two schools of thought: Some say carbon offsetting should be an integral part of decarbonisation strategies and a force for good; others say offsets can be something of a ‘Band-Aid’ for climate action and distract from operational emissions reductions. In this special closing discussion, we bring together a selection of climate experts to discuss where carbon offsetting fits in the global transition to net-zero emissions.

* Chatham House Rules will apply for this panel discussion. Under these rules, participants are free to use the information from the panel discussion, but neither the identity, nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any other participant, may be revealed outside of the session.

  • What are the carbon offsetting fundamentals?
  • What are the opportunities and can carbon offsetting be a power for good?
  • How to build offsetting into your net zero strategy
  • Assessing the need for conditions and limits on offsetting and insetting