Becca Massey-Chase

Becca Massey-Chase

Company: IPPR

Job title: Co-deputy head of the Environmental Justice Commission


Becca is Co-Deputy Head of the Environmental Justice Commission at IPPR. She leads the commission’s deliberative democracy programme and research on a just transition for travel. Becca joined IPPR from Sustrans, where she held the position of head of strategy and governance. Within this role she has led the development of a UK-wide strategy responding to the inequalities present in how people travel and the related challenges to health, communities and the environment.



Plenary: Our just transition: Building a fairer, socially sustainable net-zero carbon economy  9:50 am

Runaway climate change and rampant inequality are ravaging the world and costing a fortune. Businesses must step up. This high-level panel of corporate leaders and sustainability practitioners discuss global inequalities and the role that you can play in fixing the world’s problems and leading us to a better future. Climate and racial justice: Leading the…Read more

day: DAY 1 - Ambition into action