Cecilia Parker-Aranha

Cecilia Parker-Aranha

Company: Competition and Markets Authority

Job title: Director of Consumer Protection


Cecilia Parker Aranha has been a Director of Consumer Protection at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority since 2014.  Cecilia led development of the CMA’s “Green Claims Code” and is the Project Director for the CMA’s investigation into misleading environmental claims, currently focused on the retail fashion sector. She also contributed to the CMA’s advice to Government on the relationship between the consumer protection law framework and environmental sustainability.

Cecilia has worked in Government for 21 years.  She has a specialism in consumer protection law and is a member of the Law Society of Scotland’s Consumer Law Committee.  Cecilia holds a degree in Law and German, and an MSc in Social Policy both from the University of Edinburgh.

Cecilia lives in Edinburgh with her husband, her two cats and her composting worms.


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