Chess Fearnley

Chess Fearnley

Company: BOSH

Job title: Co-founder


Chess is the co-founder of, a sharing economy and tech-for-good start up, part of the youth-led intergenerational network Arctic Angels advocating for the protection of our global commons, founder and host of the Apple new-and-noteworthy podcast The Common Ground Podcast, sea turtle conservationist and an accomplished activist in her local community. As a passionate and purpose-driven global citizen, Chess is a firm advocate for the power of individual action and encouraging others, especially young people, to create change in their communities and has deep interests in using the power of business as a force for good in an increasingly vulnerable world. 


Plenary Panel: Young leaders shaping the future of sustainable business 9:50 am

The influence of younger voices on corporate strategies and values is growing, immensely. Here, we give a panel of youthful visionaries a platform to discuss what businesses and governments should really be doing to build a more sustainable and equitable future, today. The Greta effect: How Generation Z views the current state of play The…Read more

day: Day 2 – The power of purpose