Chris Leeds

Chris Leeds

Company: Standard Chartered Bank

Job title: Head, Carbon markets development


Chris joined Standard Chartered in 2011 and is responsible for the development of Carbon Markets strategy and product development for the Bank.
The role requires close cooperation across the business and externally to source carbon market transactions and participate in new markets as they
develop. Chris is a member of the CIX management team, supported SCB’s Group CEO, Bill Winters, in his role as Chair of the Taskforce for Scaling
the Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM).He is a board member of the newly formed Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (IC-VCM) and
serves as a member of the CPLC’s Advisory Group. Chris’s experience in the commodity markets spans over 25 years in origination, sales and
trading. At Standard Chartered, he built up the Bank’s energy risk management platform, originating deals with state-owned and merchant refiners, oil
producers, airlines, utilities and shipping companies.

Previously Chris was with Barclays where he was Global Head of Environmental Markets Sales and before that at Merrill Lynch where he traded
power, gas and set up their carbon emissions trading desk. He was a founder member of the Carbon Markets and Investors Association (CMIA) and
was the Chairman of Power Trading Forum a division of the Futures and Options Association (FOA). He also worked as a base metals trader for a
number of years before moving to energy. Chris has a strong understanding of commodity deal structuring, trade finance and managing price risk.


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