Rik Arends

Rik Arends

Company: Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance

Job title: Director


Rik Arends is the Director of the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance, a leading initiative of Smart Freight Centre. Together, we unite freight buyers and suppliers to track and reduce their logistics greenhouse gas emissions. In his capacity as Director, Rik works with the largest shippers in the world to accelerate their decarbonization in collaboration with their supply chain partners. Rik is trained as a civil engineer and has 10+ years of experience in sustainable transport in Europe and the Global South.    


VALUE CHAIN PANEL: Making supply chain decarbonisation happen 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Talking points:   Understanding exactly where your emissions sit across the value chain Engaging with “disengaged” suppliers to achieve decarbonisation goals Steps to achieving a more transparent and resilient supply chain Chaired by Matt Mace, Content Editor, edieRead more

stream: 2. NET-ZERO STAGE
day: Day 2 - 2 March 2023
stream: Scope 3, data & supply chain collaboration