Claire Haigh

Claire Haigh

Company: Greener Vision

Job title: Founder & CEO


Claire Haigh is Founder & CEO of Greener Vision a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the switch to a greener future and chairs the Greener Transport Council of leading academics and experts.

Claire also chairs the Delivery & Impacts Independent Review Panel for the Government’s Joint Air Quality Unit (DfT/Defra); is a Director and Vice Chair of the Zemo Partnership (formerly Low CVP) where she chairs the Remuneration Committee; and is Executive Director of the Transport Knowledge Hub. She was formerly the Chief Executive of the sustainable transport group Greener Journeys, and of the not-for-profit organisation Greener Transport Solutions.  She has been a Board Member of Transport for Greater Manchester.

Claire is also an artist motivated by a desire for positive change.  “If we want to change behaviours, we need to change the premises which led to them”. The Tabula Project aims to provide a new perspective on the mind.