Elsa Palanza

Elsa Palanza

Company: Barclays

Job title: Global head of sustainability & ESG


Elsa Palanza is a Managing Director and the Global Head of Sustainability & ESG for
Barclays. In this role, Elsa leads the strategic direction and execution of the bank’s policies
and practices across a broad range of sustainability and ESG matters, including climate
change, environmental stewardship, human rights and social impact. She manages ESG
assessment and approach for the firm, strengthening client and investor engagement, and
ensuring diverse stakeholder perspectives are integrated into decision-making. In addition,
Elsa oversees the development of appropriate and ambitious standards and metrics to
advance green and sustainable finance and steward early innovation in sustainable product
and service development.

Elsa assumed this role with over 20 years of experience as a strategic advisor for
corporations, foundations and non-profits. Most recently, she was enlisted by the Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation to create and launch a platform to advance progress on the UN
Sustainable Development Goals. For many years, Elsa served as Director of Commitments
for the Clinton Global Initiative, a role that afforded her comprehensive insight into best
practices in sustainability, cross-sector partnership development, and corporate
responsibility. Previously, she worked in Washington, D.C., delivering geopolitical and
industry risk analysis to large international energy companies, and in Istanbul, Turkey,
leading strategy and business operations for an education company.
Elsa attended Middlebury College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.