Hans Pehrson

Hans Pehrson

Company: Polestar

Job title: Head of the Polestar 0 Project


Hans Pehrson is the Project Lead for the Polestar 0 project, leading the unprecedented challenge and moonshot goal to create a truly climate-neutral car by 2030 without offsetting.

With over 30 years within the automotive industry, Hans has held positions as Technical Director of the Volvo C30 Electric, the first electric car of the Volvo Car Group, and manager of Volvo Cars Electric Propulsion System Engineering and supporting the London EV Company with their All New TX – The Electric Taxi. He started at Polestar 2018, as Head of Research & Development, before taking on the role as Polestar 0 Project Lead in 2021.

Hans is passionate about driving the industry towards electrification and finding a way to completely phase out fossil-fuel cars. He also finds passion in the Polestar 0 Project, working towards eliminating the entire CO2e-footprint currently involved in making a complex product like a car, and sees hope in what’s possible next. He lives in Gothenburg and works at Polestar HQ.


PRESENTATIONS: Collaboration and partnerships: Practical examples and fresh ideas 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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stream: Communications, partnerships & avoiding greenwash
day: Day 2 - 2 March 2023