Lisa Bolin

Lisa Bolin

Company: Polestar

Job title: Climate lead


Lisa is the Climate Lead for Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand. In her role, Lisa is supporting the brand in setting action plans towards climate-neutrality and finding solutions for renewable energy throughout the supply chain.


The Big Debate: Carbon offsetting to reach net-zero emissions – who’s right, who’s wrong? (CHATHAM HOUSE RULES APPLY*) Live pass holders only 3:25 pm

There are two schools of thought: Some say carbon offsetting should be an integral part of decarbonisation strategies and a force for good; others say offsets can be something of a ‘Band-Aid’ for climate action and distract from operational emissions reductions. In this special closing discussion, we bring together a selection of climate experts to…Read more

day: DAY 1 - Ambition into action