May Al-Karooni

May Al-Karooni

Company: Globechain the ESG Reuse Marketplace

Job title: Founder & CEO


May is the CEO and Founder of Globechain, the ESG Reuse Marketplace, which addresses the Circular Economy Model, and the need for transparent and accurate ESG data.

As a sole female ethnic minority founder, May bootstrapped Globechain for its first four years as she had the vision and foresight to understand when the timing was right to enter a market. May’s belief and determination made her persevere until the business broke even and now continues to scale across the UK, Spain, and New York and offers a global internal sharing solution.

May has been recognised by Cranfield University ‘Women to Watch 2021’ for potential FTSE350 board & NED, Forbes Top 1000 US 2021, amongst other awards. Globechain is the largest reuse ESG marketplace in the world, with over 10,000 members. It has diverted 65 million kilos from landfills with over $400 million in savings. 70% of materials are from construction and real estate and the average request time is 20 minutes.


PANEL: Building a culture of sustainability leadership 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

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day: DAY 1 - 1 March 2023
stream: Governance, team & culture