Will James

Will James

Company: Sanamente

Job title: Leadership Coach


Will James is a leadership and team coach, and coach trainer, with over 10 years of executive coaching experience and a focus on partnering businesses committed to becoming driven by purpose and creating a more positive social and / or environmental impact. He brings a systems lens to both individual and team coaching, with the awareness that at some level everything is connected, everything belongs, and everything has its purpose.

He enjoys being inspired by vision, and bringing the energy, creativity, courage and optimism required to push-through to new ways of seeing, thinking and behaving that make better outcomes possible.

He is Director of Inclusion and Sustainability for APECS, has an MA in Coaching and Mentoring, as well as a number of other qualifications in teaching, counselling and coaching. He is the founder of ‘With’ and architect of the CEES™ coaching model.