Zanagee Artis (USA)

Zanagee Artis (USA)

Company: Zero Hour

Job title: Co-Founder


Zanagee Artis is a 21 year-old from Clinton, Connecticut, USA studying political science and environmental studies in his final year at Brown University. He is a founder, a co-executive director, and the policy director of the global youth-led climate justice organization Zero Hour. Zanagee is also co-author of A Kids Book About Climate Change and co-host of 1 Point 5: A Kids Podcast About Climate Justice. Artis has been featured in a number of publications for his work on climate justice and climate policy, including The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and edie. In March of 2022, Zanagee will travel to Antarctica with the 2041 Project as an ambassador of the Global Choices Arctic Angels Network.


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