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Centrica Business Solutions partners with organisations to balance commercial success and environmental responsibility to build sustainable businesses. We deliver integrated distributed energy solutions that empower you with greater control, across insights, optimisation, efficiency, on-site generation and renewables, as well as supply and trading. Collaborating with commercial, industrial and public sector organisations with a large or critical need for energy, we eliminate the complexity and risk of multi-technology energy strategies. Our flexible solutions are underpinned by an international footprint, deep local experience and full lifecycle support. By combining our people's expertise with the power of distributed energy technologies, we can help you to become more efficient, resilient and sustainable on your pathway to a low-carbon future.

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EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future and tackling climate change. We are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions.

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Few organisations have the knowledge and resources in-house to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by themselves. JRP can help. Using a combination of specialist expertise in energy and carbon efficiency, sustainability strategies, data analysis and cutting-edge technologies, we will develop and deliver a comprehensive plan that optimises energy and resource use and progressively reduces emissions. A holistic, strategic, long-view approach that covers every aspect of your organisation, is required to deliver the maximum benefit and to place your business in the best position to achieve Net Zero.

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As a global service provider for environmental and chemical compliance, we help our clients to unlock the value of the Circular Economy and strive to be their best partner on the journey to a more sustainable future. Landbell started as a local waste disposal company in 1995 and is now a global supplier of services and consulting for environmental and chemical compliance. We help our customers comply with various regulations worldwide, offering bespoke take-back, consulting and software solutions. For many of our customers, compliance is just the start: we then work with them to make the most of their resources and adopt more circular business models.

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phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

Our team of over 3,000 expert personnel provides washroom, floorcare, healthcare and a range of specialist services to over 120,000 customers ranging from large single sites, to multi-national restaurant chains, healthcare establishments and small owner occupied shops.

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Reconomy is the environmental sector’s leading provider of outsourced waste services and sustainability-driven solutions. We’re adept at delivering the day-to-day operational side of waste management, but where we’re truly unique is in our ability to also provide consultancy led sustainability and circular economy solutions. We work in close partnership with thousands of businesses across numerous industries and sectors. Inspiring them to think differently and embrace new concepts to create measurable business advantages. To achieve this, we utilise a nationwide network of over 1,000 supply chain partners that are focused on minimising waste and promoting a circular economy.

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The current model for understanding Environmental and Social impact — and learning how to do better — is inefficient, inconsistent, and inaccessible. We believe sustainability is for everyone. That’s why we created Rio. Combining market-leading sustainability knowledge. Using our patented artificial intelligence platform, expert knowledge from sustainability leaders, technology developers, consultants and lawyers has been encapsulated into our intelligent learning, compliance and data management tools. When it comes to saving our planet, we all have a job to do. By democratising sustainability knowledge, Rio will help us do it better. Rio is an intelligent sustainability software platform that helps you improve your impact on the planet, manage ESG risk, and save money.

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Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is at the forefront of companies driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices across global supply chains. The company is committed to completing a low-carbon circular economy in which its products have minimal climate impact. Tetra Pak’s aim is to create cartons made solely from plant-based materials that are fully renewable, fully recyclable and carbon-neutral. It is all part of our journey to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package that secures food safety and availability while reducing the impact on the planet. That’s why we say Go nature. Go carton.

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As the global safety science leader, UL helps companies to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, strengthen security, deliver quality, manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. UL’s 360 world leading software enables business to gather, measure, report and act on key sustainability and ESG data across their organisations, whilst aligning with frameworks such as CDP, SASB, GRI, DJSI and the UN.

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woodland trust

We are the Woodland Trust
We are the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and we stand up for trees. We all need trees - they clean our air and cool our cities, provide homes for wildlife and inspire us to get outdoors and explore nature. Now, more than ever, trees need us too. From disease to development and pests to pitifully-low government planting rates, our trees and woods have never faced so many threats.

Let’s get together
You can join us in leading the fight to ensure trees get the protection they deserve. Partnership with the Woodland Trust is all about growth, growing your brand, growing your environmental credentials and, of course, growing trees. Our mission to plant and protect UK woodland is closely aligned to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including Life on Land, Climate Action, Sustainable Cities and Communities and more. Alongside us, our partners can work towards global SDGs at a UK level - thinking globally while acting locally. Together we can improve air, water and soil quality, battle land erosion, mitigate carbon, adapt to climate change and increase biodiversity right here in the UK.

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