Cranfield University

Cranfield University is a global postgraduate University with an unrivalled reputation for creating leaders in technology and management.  With a long-standing capability in environmental sustainability reaching back over 40 years, our expertise is promoted through the strategic themes of water & design, energy & power; and environment & agrifood, and rooted in the cross-cutting needs of a transition to a low carbon economy.

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Nedap believes that one of the biggest challenges in the world is to achieve sustainable lifestyles . We feel the obligation to contribute to this cause by enabling commercial and industrial facilities to save energy where they can, using our knowledge, skill and  technology.

Nedap offers a wireless connected lighting solution which enables users to unlock and sustain the full potential of LED lighting. Nedap differentiates with a brand independent platform combining comprehensive functionality with dependability and ease of use.
Connected lighting accelerates savings through combining multiple control strategies with continued learning. The availability of real time lighting information empowers users to make highly informed decisions and track improvement.

The N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” was established in 1929. It has been exchange-listed since 1947 and employs more than 750 people worldwide.

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Helistrat is an independent consultancy partner that specialises in sustainable environmental solutions. We help companies across the world with sustainability and waste management challenges to think differently, designing out waste and transforming its value. Our ideas shape and deliver clients’ corporate goals, and drive smarter and greener business practice. By partnering with Helistrat, your business will be able to demonstrate its sustainability credentials on the global stage, gaining competitive edge through enhanced corporate reputation, reduced costs that come from reduced waste production, an innovative service provision, and increased motivation and loyalty of your workforce.

For more information, please visit www.helistrat.co.uk

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