1. Who has had the greatest impact on sustainable investment over the last twelve months? 

    • During the past twelve months it has not been a person, but rather the European institutions in Brussels. Their execution on EU commission’s action plan has been of fundamental importance to the continued development of sustainable investments. I am certain that the introduction of the EU Taxonomy will have a significant impact on sustainable finance going forward.

2. Where have you seen the biggest change in your day-to-day role over the past three months?

    • Safeguarding the going concern of Alecta’s operation. Furthermore, taking measures to procure a long-term financial stability of Alecta’s balance sheet. We have a sense that certain areas of operation and investment activities may experience material and long-lasting changes because of the pandemic. However, it may be too early to detail those changes at this stage of the crisis.

3. How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your thinking around sustainable investment?

    • The pandemic is providing additional evidence that companies with strong ESG performance are outperforming its peers with poorer ESG scores. Thus, this crisis underscores the importance to properly assess the ESG performance of potential and existing investments.

4. What would you like to see change within the sustainable investment landscape over the coming years?

    • Two things:
      • An agreement on the price of CO2 emissions. In our latest climate risk report, we found that there are huge discrepancies in the calculations on what price on C02 is needed to meet the Paris Accord. International agencies such as the IEA and IPCC give recommendations spanning hundreds of dollars. This makes it hard for us to make thorough risk assessments.
      • More streamlined definitions on green investments. I believe the EU taxonomy will help, and hopefully make it easier for the market to create interesting and exiting products for us to invest in. We want the market to know that we are willing to invest in green products.

5. What are you most looking forward to at Edie’s Sustainable Investment Digital Conference?

    • The broad span of listed speakers. It is always great to get together with interesting people with different areas of expertise.