Leon Kamhi

Leon Kamhi

Company: Federated Hermes International

Job title: Head of responsibility


Reporting to the CEO of the international business of Federated Hermes, Leon has led the firm’s Responsibility Office since 2014 consisting of the firm’s Advocacy, Stewardship and ESG Integration activities. This involves ensuring that investment teams across all asset classes are aware of and integrate ESG performance in investment decisions and that engagement is effectively incorporated alongside investment activities. As chair of EOS at Federated Hermes, Leon oversees the development and management of the pioneering stewardship service the firm offers in public markets. In addition, he is also responsible for ensuring stewardship of investors’ interests are embedded in the culture and behaviours across the firm. This includes oversight of how the firm’s responsibility activities and performance are integrated into our client relationship management and reporting, the delivery of our corporate citizenship programme and the development of responsible structures and processes for the firm.

Previously, Leon was responsible for the development and delivery of EOS at Federated Hermes’ global corporate and public policy engagement programme from 2012-2014 and acted as its commercial director from 2009-2012. Prior to that, Leon worked within the Hermes UK Large Cap Focus Fund for seven years, where he was responsible for executing the fund’s engagement programmes. He also has 12 years of strategy consulting and operational industry experience.


Panel: Engagement vs. Divestment: How to structure a win-win engagement strategy? 10:25 am

Discussing proactive approaches to engage and promote positive change   What are the costs of divestment, and benefits and risks of negative screening?   A new wave of B2B sustainability collaboration – what are the challenges and opportunities of the investor and corporate sides?   How is the engagement changing to meet the imperatives of sustainability finance?Read more

day: DAY TWO: 14 July 2021