Raymond Dhirani

Raymond Dhirani

Company: WWF-UK

Job title: Head of sustainable finance


Engaging the finance sector in the UK, and globally, is key to secure lasting impact for our conservation and climate work. We engage right across the finance spectrum, including with banks, investors, policy makers, regulators, etc. in order to achieve our environmental and development aims. Finance sector actors have the power and responsibility to act, and this is being increasingly recognised by NGOs and the sector itself.


Panel: Enabling Sustainable Investing – Aligning the financial markets to the Paris Agreement: Is the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) enough? 1:25 pm

The latest with TCFD: everything you need to know about the key changes   What are the benefits of enhanced reporting for corporates and investors?   Exploring best practices and TCFD implementation mechanisms: What are the different approaches smaller and larger funds could implement to ensure a comprehensive approach to TCFD?  Read more

day: DAY ONE: 13 July 2021