Thibaud Lemercier

Thibaud Lemercier

Company: ICF

Job title: Managing Consultant, Sustainable Finance and Climate Policy


Thibaud currently supports EU and EU development finance institutions in development and implementation of sustainable finance tools and frameworks to support the transition towards the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement (e.g. EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, Common Principles for Mitigation Finance Tracking, Paris-alignment strategy for DFIs, support in implementation of EU Innovation Fund).

He also supported governments and not-for-profit organizations in development of long-term trajectories and strategies for GHG emissions reduction in all sectors. Thibaud developed models to assess the evolution of GHG emissions at country or sectoral level under different scenarios and identify what are the needs to meet Paris’ agreement goals. He also developed strategy and policy recommendations to support global decarbonization, based on his previous involvement in the international initiative called “Climate Action Tracker”.