Heart of the City is a charity supporting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK to become more sustainable and responsible. Through two programmes, we bring SMEs together with experts in sustainability and CSR to learn how to get to net zero, care for their people, improve diversity and inclusion and support charities and their communities. Our online programmes make responsible and sustainable business accessible to all, letting you learn at your own pace and giving opportunities to connect with SMEs also wanting to do well by doing good, and with responsible business experts.

For more information please, visit: www.theheartofthecity.com


The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think & Do Tank which works with senior management teams to instil the confidence to lead and innovate, confidentially and responsibly, in the turbulent context of the 21st century. The foundations on which all the ILF’s work builds are: a focus on people, a deep understanding of specific context, a system-based approach, and a deep belief that all
innovation today has to have sustainability considerations at its core. The ILF was set up by innovation philosopher, story teller and catalyst Dr Bettina von Stamm in 2004.

For more information, please visit: www.innovationleadershipforum.org 

The Women in Sustainability network is here to help enable women, who share a common vision for the future, to connect with each other and grow their capacity, energy and leadership to ‘be’ the change they want to see. We are a global network of women working within sustainability that supports female change makers to nurture their purpose, grow their network and amplify their impact. Women in Sustainability was founded by Rhian Sherrington FRSA in 2018.

For more information, please visit: https://womeninsustainability.net/