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The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) is the UK’s professional body for corporate responsibility and sustainability. It helps individual members develop their careers by setting professional standards, qualifying their experience, recognising their achievements and supporting them through CPD. It helps organisational members by enabling them to demonstrate their organisation’s commitment to responsible and sustainable business, share best practice and build their CR and sustainability capacity through dedicated member events.

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IEMA is the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals. It believes there’s a practical way to a bright future for everyone, and that our profession has a critical role to play. IEMA is an independent network of more than 15,000 people in more than 100 countries, working together to make businesses and organisations future-proof. Belonging gives each party the knowledge, connections, recognition, support and opportunities needed to lead collective change, with IEMA’s global sustainability standards as the benchmark. By mobilising its expertise, IEMA will continue to challenge norms, influence governments, drive new kinds of enterprise, inspire communities and show how to achieve measurable change on a global scale. This is how IEMA will realise its bold vision: transforming the world to sustainability.

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MSDUK is the UK’s leading non-profit membership organisation driving inclusive procurement. It promotes the ethos of diversity and inclusion in public and private sector supply chains by identifying and introducing innovative and entrepreneurial ethnic minority owned businesses (EMBs). MSDUK’s network of over 40 purchasing organisations, 500+ buyers and an extended community of over 3000 ethnic minority owned businesses work together to network, share knowledge and build lasting relationships to achieve growth. Its ethnic minority business certification programme helps clients engage with EMBs that meet its definition and measure accurate spend with certified EMBs.

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edie uses 100% recyclable displays at events.

These display solutions are sustainable with no waste going to landfi­ll. You are able to promote your sustainable policies and save money compared to traditional metal and plastic displays.

These 100% recyclable printed cardboard displays are ideally suited to both event organisers and exhibitors. The displays are great value, offer eye-catching creative shapes, can be self-installed, re-used and then at the end of their useful lives be disposed of via a cardboard recycling service. Sustainable exhibiting, what’s not to like? 

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ClimateCare is changing the way governments and business tackle climate and development challenges. The group believes that climate change, poverty and sustainable development are so interlinked that they cannot be tackled in isolation. And, given the size of the challenges, ClimateCare cannot rely solely on government aid to solve them. Businesses, governments and civil society must work collectively to deliver the speed and scale of change required to support a sustainable future. From its offices in the UK and Africa, it works with hundreds of organisations to deliver integrated Climate+Care programmes which protect the environment and improve lives. To date ClimateCare has improved life for over 6 million people whilst cutting 16.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions and has set an ambitious vision for 2020.

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