Day 2 – Shaping the future of purpose-led business

8:30 am

Event opens

9:00 am

Chair’s welcome


9:10 am

KEYNOTE: Influencing green policy  

Policy and business action is critical in averting the severe climate threats facing humanity in the near future. The UK Government’s former chief scientific advisor Sir David King will share how he is influencing green policy and how business and policymakers alike are striving to move beyond decarbonisation, by researching and funding technologies that would start removing excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at scale. 


9:30 am

KEYNOTE: The future of business: sustainability, skills and a just transition


9:50 am

KEYNOTE PANEL: Driving purpose-led sustainable business through B corp  

  • Putting purpose at the forefront of your business strategy  
  • Achieving the pace and scale of positive change, what are the pathways to B corp? 
  • Balancing purpose and profit, how to build credibility and value for your business


10:45 am

Networking break and refreshments

11:30 am


Delegates will have the opportunity to choose from two streams.

SESSION A: Making circularity a reality 

SESSION B: Seizing the green opportunity in finance 

12:30 pm

Lunch break

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Workshops will be run in-person in London, encouraging interaction and peer-to-peer collaboration for future problem solving, starting with a panel discussion and followed by an interactive roundtable exercise. Conclusions will be recorded for watching on-demand later – so whether you are joining us online or in London, you can watch the key takeaways from all sessions.

WORKSHOP A: Building a more transparent and resilient supply chain  

WORKSHOP B: Social equality and achieving a just transition 


WORKSHOP C: Engaging leadership – why aren’t they getting it? 


WORKSHOP D: Sustainability in the built environment: Shaping the future of green buildings 

2:30 pm

Networking and refreshments

3:15 pm

DEBATE: Myth busting carbon offsetting: when can offsetting be a real power for good?

  • What are the carbon offsetting fundamentals?  
  • What are the opportunities and can carbon offsetting be a power for good?    
  • How to build offsetting into your net-zero strategy 
  • Assessing the need for conditions and limits on offsetting and insetting  
3:40 pm

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Guest to be announced

4:00 pm

Chair’s closing remarks


4:10 pm

Close of forum