DAY 1 - Ambition into action

8:30 am

Event opens

9:00 am

Welcome and introduction


9:05 am

Chair’s welcome


9:10 am

Keynote: Our COP26 legacy: Shaping the future of climate leadership

  • Three months on: Assessing the impacts of COP26 on sustainable business   
  • Accelerating climate action: The business catalysts and policy enablers 
  • Seizing the opportunities for private, public and industry collaboration in 2022 
9:30 am

Keynote: Our purpose: Making business a force for good in 2022 

  • Sustainable Development Goals: How can we regain momentum?   
  • Bridging the gaps between environmental and social sustainability  
  • Climate adaptation & social resilience: Protecting people and systems 
9:50 am


9:50 am

Plenary: Our just transition: Building a fairer, socially sustainable net-zero carbon economy 

  • Climate and racial justice: Leading the fight 
  • Social justice: moving from acknowledgement into action
  • Mechanisms and frameworks to support your just transition 


10:45 am

Networking break and refreshments

11:30 am


Delegates will have the opportunity to choose from two streams 

STREAM A:  Winning the race to zero

To net-zero and beyond: Strategies for effective climate leadership  


STREAM B:  Becoming nature-positive 

Biodiversity and nature-based solutions: A business call to action  

12:30 pm

Lunch break

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Workshops will be run in-person in London, encouraging interaction and peer-to-peer collaboration for future problem solving, starting with a panel discussion and followed by an interactive roundtable exercise. Conclusions will be recorded for watching on-demand later – so whether you are joining us online or in London, you can watch the key takeaways from all sessions.

 WORKSHOP A: Ensuring reporting is accurate, transparent and delivers for stakeholders 

  • How should we measure and report climate impacts to deliver decarbonisation at scale?  
  • How do we gather the right data for reporting and improve accuracy? 
  • Convergence of reporting frameworks – how to create a more standardised approach to metrics and SFDR 
  • Mis-reporting carbon emission data, how do we get it right?
    Jennifer Motles, Chief sustainability officer, Philip Morris International 


WORKSHOP B: Progressing the pace of plastic reduction and packaging innovation 


WORKSHOP C: Establishing meaningful partnerships to drive systemic change 

  • Looking beyond the capabilities of individual businesses and industries 
  • Identifying joint opportunities for collaboration and partnerships 
  • Collaboration not competition: breaking down competitive barriers 
  • CASE STUDY:  building a toolkit for innovative sustainability partnerships
    Sally Uren, CEO, Forum for the Future
    Steve Butterworth, CEO, Neighbourly


WORKSHOP D: De-bunking net-zero terminology: translating net-zero goals into tangible action 

2:30 pm

Networking and refreshments

3:00 pm

Problem solving networking roundtables

  1. Using data to decarbonise your supply chain
  2. The future of transport: working towards net-zero
  3. Communication and engagement for sustainability leadership
3:30 pm

KEYNOTE PANEL: Young voices powering the future of sustainability

The influence of young voices on company strategies and values is growing. We give a panel of young visionaries a platform to discuss what businesses and governments need to be doing today to build a greener and fairer future. 


4:10 pm

Closing remarks from forum chair


4:20 pm

Networking drinks reception